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Saturday, 7 September 2013

Guest Posting or Blogging is now one of the most popular SEO technique. Its also one of the main areas of emphasis for SEOs to focus on in 2013 and beyond.
Guest posting really a very useful technique to get back links and improves your website visitors ratio.
This is especially the case with Google’s recent algorithm updates that place an emphasis on fresh, unique content. There are many benefits of Guest Posting, some of them are mentioned below:

Get Exposure:
Posting High Quality Content on other websites will give your work more Exposure. Not only do authors with published guest posts on a wide variety of websites get more exposure, they get more opportunities to craft a positive association in readers’ minds.

Creating Inbound Links: 
 Increased websites visitors is one of the most important reason of doing guest posting. many websites allow writers or authors to submit a bio with there social media links in the bottom of the content. These links get Referral traffic and increase organic search engine ranking.

Social Media and Networking:
In addition of social media links with in the bio helps to get referral traffic to your social profiles and pages. Peoples used to follow you on Twitter or Like your Facebook pages to see what other content you are publishing. Also Sharing your articles on social media will get a hug organic traffic to your websites and inbound links.

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  1. It's some very good inputs and hosted two amazingly talented guests on ma blog this week.

    1. That is Really Good! Do you need Guest Posts?

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